Contractor Accountants

Ready to start out as a Contractor and looking for the best way to structure your business or maby just unhappy with your existing Accountant, Guardian Accounting Ltd has the perfect contractor accountancy solution for you.

As a Contractor, you possess a distinctive set of needs and unique performance obligations under your contract. Contractors are confronted with different challenges every day. These challenges include appropriate bidding, price estimating, project management and many more. In addition to the daily business challenges that every contractor experience, there are also a wide variety of accounting, tax and financial reporting complexities to manage on a regular basis. These complexities ensure it is very important for contractors to partner with Qualified Accountant that have experience in the market as well as the right skills to help with tax, complex accounting and financial matters.

Guardian Accounting Ltd has a team of skilled professionals who know ways to get the job done for contractors. We have knowledge across a broad spectrum of the industry. In addition to our assurance solution, we offer services for taxes to our construction customers to simply help minimize their burden, while keeping you compliant.

Guardian Accounting Ltd have the ability to offer a complete package for you and your Limited Company. This include, planning and completion of financial statements which conform to both HMRC and companies house requirements, company tax computations, personal tax returns, value added tax calculations, dividend administration and payroll administration. Basically, all that you and your company need to make sure that both conform to the reporting procedures required.

Our services are custom made for contractors in the IT & computer consultancy field, oil and gas technicians, design technicians, business consultants and many other businesses that offer consultancy services to different industry sectors.

Guardian Accounting Ltd are used to working with contractors, freelancers & locums. We are specialist accountants that assist contractors transition into the contracting business smoothly.

  • Accessibility and input your data 24/7.
  • View a snapshot of your business profitability and tax liabilities online.
  • Keep digital copies of your statements and business paperwork.
  • One to one online suport.
  • E-mail support from your personal named Cloud Accountants team member.
  • Or screen-share on Skype if you prefer!

No appointments necessary! Advice in plain English! our accountants will fit around you and your business.

We understand that one of the hardest accounting limitations for contractors is obtaining financing from banks, suppliers, creditors and bonding companies. We work with construction and speciality trade contractors to give third-party confirmation to allow them to obtain lenders’ trust.

Contracting can be satisfying, challenging, and financially rewarding. Though the disadvantage is that a lot of contractors need to set up their own tax affairs as well as keep a busy schedule.

If you are a contractor, builder and/or land developer, you have a specific need for accountants who actually know your business, and the challenges you experience in your business organization please contact us for advice.